What you need ?

To start direct label printing, the below machine and consumables are necessary.

Pad Printing Machine

HA-100P (Thin Plate Model)


  • Easy set up design
  • Safety guard & Light
  • High Durability
  • Made in Taiwan

Detail specification download from Here

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Ink – Solvent Based Type

Ink selection is very important for both the appearance and durability,

our ink is specailly developed for direct label printing.

The ink is used by mixing with solvent and hardener, the pot life is around 6 hours after mixing.

Solvent based – Pad printing ink


  • High opacity color
  • Strong adhesion with various fabrics (Cotton, Polyester, Spandex etc.)
  • Global brand trust
  • Safety certifications (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, AFIRM, CP65, EN 71/3 etc)
  • Standar Color Chart is HERE
  • Color matching service is available

Silicone Pad – TL Type

Silicone Pad – TL Type


  • Long life
  • Less “Buff” problem for cotton material HERE
  • Great amount ink transfer
  • Various shape & hardness (We can help to choose appropriate shape for you)

Cliche (Graphic design plate)

Clieche – Graphic Design Plate

  • Great etching quality
  • Anti-Rust
  • Various size / holes 100*200, 100*224, 100*250 etc.

Ceramic Ring Blade

Ceramic Ring Blade : Scrape ink on the plate
  • Long life
  • Great scraping quality
  • Made in Taiwan